About your therapist, Kirsten Uys

As a wife, and mother of three very busy boys, health and wellness have become an important part of her life. An interest in alternative medicine has led her to Scio and Rife technology. Along with a degree in Fine Arts she has furthered her studies to include a degree in Scio Biofeedback, a diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition. She has completed courses in Liebusting and The Nest. Currently she is busy studying Advanced Nutrition, Aromatherapy and an introduction to Homeopathy to offer a holistic approach to personal wellbeing.

To provide the best possible service to my patient a typical consultation will consist of:
International and distant patients are treated with the Scio, and all follow up treatments are done with the Scio. Nutritional and dietary advice is provided as per the Scio’s diagnostic feedback.
In house patients receive an initial diagnostic with the Scio. All follow up treatments are done with the Rife. Nutritional and dietary advice is provided as per the Scio’s diagnostic feedback. Kirsten is based in Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, South Africa.

Therapies Description

What is resonant Rife technology

Rife is an alternative treatment that produces electromagnetic radio frequencies (RF) with the true accuracy of the original rife machine. Resonance occurs when a material oscillates at its own specific frequency. This is called its resonant frequency.
The Rife machine is one of the first radio frequency devices that reliably reproduces the output by Dr Rifes original machines.
Dr Royal Rife was well known within the academic medical community of his time working with medical specialists developing this technology.

Sessions are 30 minutes long

How does Rife work

The Rife machine delivers harmless radio frequency energy (RF) through your hands by holding onto the copper rods. These copper rods attach to the machine which receives the RF impulses and conducts throughout the whole body and is simple to use. Easily portable with a rechargeable battery.
It sweeps through the full spectrum of the original Rife frequencies in 20 minutes and therefore there is no need to look for a specific program.
The nett effect is that of an electronic antibiotic that destroys fungi, bacteria and viruses bringing balance to the body.


This is a good session to start with.
The first session requires a lot of personal information input into the Scio which takes time. It will also be a session of discovery so that the therapist can see what is going on with the patient’s body and what is the best way forward for the patient.
Depending on the patient this session could include a variety (not all) of the following balancing protocols:
Oriental formulas, Balanced minerals, Balanced Amino Acids, Aromatherapy, Balanced Electromagnetic energies, Hormone balance, Cortisol balance, Bloodline analysis, Rife autofocus, Electroacupuncture autofocus Balancing, DNA Trifector Balancing, Digestion enzymes balancing, Protein balancing, Carbohydrate Balancing, Fat balancing, Digestion balancing.


This session helps with repetitive behavioral patterns. Prayer and repentance is required for this session to be effective.

Requirements are:
-The patient must be born again through Jesus Christ.
-The patient must be baptized.

Scio & Bloodline Combo

This session is a combination of Scio and Bloodline.
Once the Bloodline session is completed, The DNA protocol is used to wind the patients DNA.
This may help to encourage change with issues in the body.
This session is NOT done as a first session.