RIFE Pre-Bookings

Welcome to our pre-booking page. Here you can pre-book 20 minutes Rife Session. These sessions will only be available at the Ireland conference.

The Rife machine delivers harmless radio frequency energy (RF) through your hands by holding onto the copper rods. These copper rods attach to the machine which receives the RF impulses and conducts throughout the whole body and is simple to use. Easily portable with a rechargeable battery.
It sweeps through the full spectrum of the original Rife frequencies in 20 minutes and therefore there is no need to look for a specific program.
The nett effect is that of an electronic antibiotic that destroys fungi, bacteria and viruses bringing balance to the body.

Select a date on the calendar below to pre-book your 20 minutes RIFE Session. Please keep in mind that pre-booking times are not definitive, real times will be confirmed in advanced based on the conference itinerary. 

If you are interested in purchasing a RIFE machine kindly fill in the form and we will contact you with all the information you require.

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